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The Dirty Truth Behind the Chemicals in Our Homes October 20, 2006

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I know that my post from Oct 19th, 2006 is scary but it isn’t intended to scare or create panic to new mom’s but only to lay out the facts and the dirty, hidden truths that the chemical companies and manufactures of these products don’t want the public to know.

Unfortunately the truth hurts in this case and it is frightening. Manufacturers make products with chemicals that haven’t been tested on humans or in the environment for short or long term affects. Therefore, who knows how our bodies, our children’s bodies and the environment will be affected tomorrow or in the next 20, 30, 100 years. What will the long term affects be on humans and the environment?

Already studies show that each generation is more toxic than the next and unborn children’s bodies already have chemicals in them when they are born. Furthermore, many diseases linked to chemicals are on the rise as I mentioned in the blog of Oct 19th, 2006. Education is power, and the truth is frightening in this case.

Finally if we all do one or two things to help eliminate toxic chemicals from our personal lives we protect our families in huge ways. We can vote with our dollars at the store and buy non-toxic products. The important thing is that there are alternatives to toxic products and my intention in my blog is to bring them to light.

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2 Responses to “The Dirty Truth Behind the Chemicals in Our Homes”

  1. SkylarKD Says:

    Thought you might be interested in the links in this post of mine from March. 🙂

  2. abba-daddy Says:

    we moved to united states 3 years ago and 2 years ago we switch to organic.
    food. cleaning products. tooth paste. goat’s milk.
    no soy.
    thank u for your blog

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