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Certified Organic Skin Care vs. Natural Skin Care November 2, 2006

As you walk through today’s health and natural food grocery stores you will find an extensive selection of “natural” skin and body care products. These products will range from toothpaste and deodorant to cosmetics, lotion, and hair care. It seems that many of the companies providing these products are striving to promote their products as “natural” since today’s consumers seem to have a preference towards any product labeled “natural”. This definitely makes sense because really who would walk up and purchase a bottle that says “loaded with silicone derivatives” or “extra carcinogens”.


Now you’re thinking no one in there right mind would do this right. I mean who goes to the store and actually tries to buy a skin care product that will cause their body damage. Actually most people these days do exactly that, unknowingly of course as they aren’t aware of the toxic ingredients in the product of their choice. What people need to start realizing is that not every company that throws the word natural on their product really cares about the ingredients being truly natural. If you do a little research on the ingredients in skin care the information is alarming as you find that many skin care products contain carcinogens and other toxic ingredients. Check out a website called skin deep for more information on what is in your skin care.

Tip! Apple juice: Non-organic apple juice ranks second highest for organophosphate residues.

Aren’t skin care products supposed to be helping your body not hurting it? Yes, they are but unfortunately that isn’t the case with all of the products available. This is where certified organic skin and body care products come in. When they are certified organic they have to meet strict requirements by the certifying body and are very safe for the consumer. Certified organic skin care products are made up of ingredients you can actually read and understand such as avocado oil and safflower oil not six syllable words that don’t mean a thing to you. This way you actually know what you are feeding your skin rather than just hoping it works because the company that made it claims it will.

Tip! Join a food cooperative. A food co-op is kind of a buyers club for affordable, fresh, local organic and natural products.

When you go to purchase a “natural” product be sure to research the company producing it. Find out what their stand is on ingredients such as silicone derivatives and the like are. See if there focus is on a toxin free line of skin care or just one that smells good etc. There are wonderful certified organic skin care products available so don’t settle for some supposedly natural junk when you can have the best available for your skin.

Erika Juhas is the owner of Kalista Organics. She offers extensive information regarding the organic lifestyle on her website. Primarily she represents an organic line of skin and body care products that will contribute to eliminating toxic chemicals from your body.

Tip! Cost savings, because you do not need to buy costly chemical fertilizers and pesticides with organic gardening. Many organic recipes for the control of pest and disease come straight from the kitchen cupboard, and sometimes other plants can even be grown as companions to the main crop.


7 Responses to “Certified Organic Skin Care vs. Natural Skin Care”

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