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Why are there toxic chemicals in your skin care, personal care products and cosmetics? November 19, 2006

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Cosmetic companies are minimally regulated which means they can put almost anything they want into your cosmetics, skin care and personal care products. All of your conventional personal care and beauty care products are filled with toxic chemicals.

Just think in the morning you shower and apply chemical shampoos, conditioners, shower gel. You get out of the shower dry off and put lotion all over your body then your face. You put on chemical filled make-up and even worse perfume. Layer after layer of chemicals are slathered onto your body. And if your products have fragrance the danger is increased.

Everyday you leave your home as a toxic chemical time bomb. On the outside you look hot in your Lucky Jeans, your high heal pumps, cool Ralph Lauren blouse and blazer. While underneath all day long your body is absorbing and storing the toxic chemicals that you applied as part of your daily regimen. Metabolizing them through your body, organs and blood. It isn’t your fault though. How could you know that you were applying a toxic cocktail of chemicals to your body daily when there aren’t warnings, or labels to tell you the truth about your products. You have been in the dark.

Why do cosmetic companies and personal body care companies use these chemicals? They say because it is cheaper and easier. How much cheaper is it when you need radiation to kill the cancer in your body. Furthermore, there are many companies that have great pure, natural products that are affordable like Dr. Haushka, and Aubrey Organics. If you use Mac, Bobby Brown, Lancome, Prescriptives and Clairins, to name a few, like I did then you know that they are not cheap! Where is the savings?!

Go to your bathroom cabinet right now, where you keep your skin care and personal care products and pull out products you use everyday, input the name of the product into the Environmental Working Groups Skin Deep data base at to rate the toxicity of your products.

You can go to the same website and input the chemicals that are on the labels of your products into the data base to learn if they have health affects. After you have rated your products and learned about the health affects, notice how many layers of chemicals that you are slathering onto your body daily and what health affects have been linked to these products. Count the layers of chemicals how many do you wear underneath your Lucky Jeans everyday?

What you will find is that many ingredients in your products are cancerous. These ingredients are listed among the first 5 ingredients on the ingredient label which means they have the largest quantity in the product.

And what the cosmetic industry doesn’t tell you is that mixing one chemical with another can be carcinogenic. The chemical alone may be safe but when it is mixed with another chemical from another product the combination becomes lethal. You have to be a scientist to get ready in the morning

Furthermore, the EPA says that some chemicals like phthalates are safe in cosmetics because they are at safe levels for humans. However, what the EPA doesn’t consider or evaluate is that chemicals like phthalates are used in many cosmetics and personal care products like, fragrance-containing soaps, shampoos and perfumes. They are also used in plastics like your shower curtain, flooring, baby bottles and nipples, toys to name a few. Thus you are exposed daily to many layers of phthalates found in many products not just one product. This increases the level of exposure pushing it over the safe level and making the levels unsafe for humans.

Furthermore, not only are you absorbing these chemicals into your largest organ, your skin, but you breath them in, they may get into your mouth and nose which means you ingest them. Everyday you layer then onto your body. That means that the layers of chemicals you are exposed to on a daily basis increase with every layer. Thus the levels that you are exposed are at unsafe levels. Phthalates have been linked to reduced sperm count in men, genital abnormalities in boys, premature birth, sperm damage to name a few.

To illistrate my point, in September 2000, the US Centers for Disease Control released it’s assessment of the levels of phthalates in the bodies of the American public. After studying urine samples they found the levels of phthalates to be high. One demographic of concern was women of child-bearing age where they found the levels to be especially high in a disproportionately large number of women. This is of concern because the fetus is extremely vulnerable to the adverse affects of phthalates. Furthermore, this demographic is the one that should avoid exposer to phthalates. Phthalates are banned in the EU.

Another common dangerous chemical found in skin care, personal care products and cosmetics is parabens. It is used as a preservative and is found in breast cancer patients. You will find parabens in your shampoo, conditioner, lotions, body washes and make-ups to list a few. That means that they are also layered onto your body. Go to Skin Deep for more information,

To add insult to injury, there is controversy surrounding nano chemicals in our beauty products, ingredients engineered at the molecular scale. They aren’t listed on the ingredient lists and they aren’t regulated. They are harmful to your health and environment. For more information check out this link,

I am very passionate about this and bewildered that our country and government would allow chemicals to be in our everyday personal care products. The increase in disease in our country is continuously on the rise. At this time in history 1 out of 2 women will have cancer. Think about it, that means that your friend, sister or mother or you will contract this terrible disease. The EU is banning one chemical after another to protect their citizens why isn’t the US? Why is the EPA constantly avoiding chemical matters when it comes to our skin care, cosmetics and personal care products? Isn’t it their job to protect us?

I strongly recommend that you visit, to learn more about the toxic chemicals that are in your everyday skin care and personal care products and evaluate the products that you use.

There are safe solutions to skin care, cosmetics and personal cae products many are listed at Skin Deep. A couple of my favorite products are Dr. Hauschka and Aubrey Organics. A great way to try Aubrey Organics or Dr. Hauschka is their kits: Dr.Hauschka Daily Face Care Kit and Aubrey Organics – Silken Earth Makeup Kit, 1 kit

However don’t take my word for it or Skin Deeps anyones for that matter. Take your health care into your own hands and do your research, read the labels of all products before you buy and know what you are putting onto your skin, hair, body…

Look for my upcoming post on how to choose safe skin care products and personal care products and more product suggestions so that you can take matters into your own hands and protect your health. I will give tips on how to read through the hype and how to read between the lines on labels.

Thanks again for reading. Another toxic problem revealed.

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  1. fluidspirit Says:

    great site, I don’t have to bookmark anything, its all under one ‘roof’ 🙂

  2. greenqueen Says:

    Thank you glad that you enjoy it. I bookmarked your page. Love the Leo DiCap writing.

  3. SkylarKD Says:

    Great post, and thanks for the Skin Deep link! It’s a really interesting site, and I have it bookmarked to look at more later.

  4. Very interesting post. I agree there are numerous chemicals that are dangerous. That is one of the reasons I have developed an all natural skin care line of products. Maybe you should try them or feel free to read about all of the herbal ingredients.
    Rachel Sullivan MD

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  11. Your site is a fabulous source of information. I found it today, as I’m a full-time health consultant, researcher and writer. Just wondering if you promote any line of skin care. There’s one in particular that I’ve discovered – it’s one of a kind – totally pure, and delivers proven results – because it’s so natural. It truly feeds the skin. Anyway, would love to hear from you, and look forward to spending more time at your site. Thank you.

  12. Dori Patrick Says:

    Thank you for the post. Very informative. Keep spreading the word.

  13. Sally Says:

    Hey, great post:
    I’m concerned about cometics and their safety as well and I checked out skindeep and searched for Dr. Hauschka as I have used their products before, but surprisingly their levels of harmful chemicals were not much better than the regular commercial brands – they’re product review mostly fall under ‘moderate’ in hazardous. Confused…

  14. This is a great article on an important issue. Melaleuca’s Nicole Miller line of beauty products was developed to counter the toxic ingredients in cosmetics. I can help anyone interested in setting up an account.

  15. braddiggs Says:

    Great article! Consumers are wise to avoid potentially hazardous ingredients such as parabens. But they also want skin care that nourishes their skin to keep it soft, healthy and radiant. I found a product that gives you all of that and more at

  16. niawithpurpose Says:

    This is a great article illustrating what the truth is about what’s happening in and about the cosmetic industry. I have recently changed over to use synthetic chemical free beauty and house products. To educate yourself further on various toxins found in health and beauty products check out this toxins ingredient list

  17. mm8798 Says:

    I recently moved to Colorado, where the air is very dry, and at age 50, my skin was really starting to show it.

    I have always had oily skin problems, but all that changes with age and climate made it even worse – thats when I read some customer reviews about the Made from Earth organic skincare line and I decided to try them.

    Made from Earth products are a joy to use, and I noticed a significant difference in just a few days! I like the Green Tea Toxin Cleanser because i feel it removing the daily toxins from my face – and I also like the Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum – it even firmed up my neck quite a bit!

    I will definitely continue to use the Made from Earth skin care products.

  18. dermajuv Says:

    great information. thank you

  19. glimpse Says:

    I am confused as when I type in Dr. Hauschka on the cosmetic database, most of the products are a 5 or 6. And even quite a few of the Aubrey Organics rates 3-5.

  20. Organic certification is the easiest way for the consumer to know whether a particular product is organic or not. Although not all organic cosmetics standards are created equal, you are better of checking the certification to make sure that a product doesn’t contain harsh chemicals

  21. Sunshine Says:

    When I try to go to this page, I get an error message that says: the page can’t be found.

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