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What is Your Water Telling You? November 23, 2006

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If you have seen what the “Bleep Do We Know” then you know Dr. Emoto’s work with water crystals. Check out this link where there is an online exhibit of his work. Beautiful and amazing

If you don’t know Dr. Emoto’s work you must check it out. He is the author of many books about water crystals, you can check then out at the link above. I can’t describe it like he can but I will try.

The photo of the water crystal above is one of his photos. The theory is that everything on earth is energy. That means that words, music, emotions etc have energy. Water is also energy. Water is affected by other energies on earth.

For example the crystal pictured above. Before it was frozen Dr. Emoto played “Amazing Grace” to the unfrozen water. Then he froze the water and the crystal above was formed. According to Dr. Emoto, “the form that symbolized prayer for the sky and the ground was expressed” in this crystal. Amazing.

Check out the link above to learn about how emotions affect our water. He also talks about the influence chemicals have on our drinking water, the affects music have on water, fascinating.

I would love to hear your comments on this one.

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One Response to “What is Your Water Telling You?”

  1. fluidspirit Says:

    When I first saw Emoto’s findings 2 years ago, I was blown away!!! The implications are profound! 🙂 Its hard to remember that the vibes we produce daily, shape the world around us. All it takes is a moment of inner chaos, then someone butts in front of you on the highway, and you send him aggression instantly. They get home not knowing why they feel a bit bad, and your vibe is gone too, ha ha!

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