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Make Up Danger for Pregnant Women December 19, 2008

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This article talks about France intending to label cosmetics according to their safety for pregnant women. 
This is in response to a study published by Imperial College London. The study revealed that pregnant women who experienced higher than normal hairspray exposure had double the likelihood of giving birth to babies with hypospadias, which is a reproductive development condition.

For more on this topic check out the link:;jsessionid=130039796241399C33B3D227339E3004


7 Responses to “Make Up Danger for Pregnant Women”

  1. Mike Says:

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  2. Im glad that there are alot of people around the world that are pushing for more greener cosmetics. When you look at all the amazing scents and colors that you can find in places like the rainforest or the sea floor it makes you wonder why we need to instead keep going back to the laboratory using toxic chemicals instead. Pregnant or not these are BAD things. We need to go organic. Organic Foods and Cosmetics are what we need!

  3. helen Says:

    I agree that cosmetics should be more greene, but I am not sure about there being a danger to pregnant women, whatever next, I wore make up had my hair dyed and had fake tans whilst pregnant and it never did me any harm.

  4. sara Says:

    I think that there is always something that is going to be risky to health whilst pregnant, however, it does depend a lot on the way we are made as individuals. Some people have reactions during pregnancy, other people get away with it, it is just like the morning sickness thing.

  5. julia Says:

    When I was pregnant I was addicted to caffeine based drinks, they are supposed to be bad for the baby, my baby thrived, I couldn’t help the craving although many health visitors and midwifes told me to steer clear of them.

  6. Go with organic cosmetics certified by Nature et Progres in France, and you will be fine! Does it make sense to avoid hairsprays altogether while being pregnant?

  7. oh je…irgendwie ist das ziemlich mies von Boom…. bei sowas passt man doch auf… aber vielleicht kannst du den Leuten beim AFS ja erklu00e4ren das du da Click

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