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Way to go Aspen: City reduces greenhouse gas by giving employees incentive November 22, 2006

Aspen, Colorado city employees recieved bonuses for helping to reduce greenhouse gases in their city. Congrats Aspen. Check out the article in the Aspen Times, the link is,

Aspen reduced it’s emissions by 10.5% which is what most cities are increasing their green house gases by. What a great idea to thank city employees for their hard work by giving them a bonus for helping to decrease gases. Aspen is doing what it takes to make a difference and better their community. They are setting a great example for other cities. They plan to further decrease their emissions in years to come.

I love solutions. Another toxic problem being over come.

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Environmentally Friendly Rental Cars November 21, 2006

Check it out! Bio-beetle rental cars for your next vacation to Los Angeles or Maui. They use biodiesel instead of gasoline. What is biodiesel? There are many versions of bio-diesel, Bio-beetle uses 100% recycled vegetable oil. That means that your fried food is their fuel. Check them out at

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