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Why Are Consumers Demanding More Organic Milk? December 27, 2006

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By Kiran Patil

Tip! Strawberries: 500 pounds of pesticide an acre is sprayed on non-organic strawberries.

The demand for organic milk has increased all over the world. No, this is not with reference to the increased demand for the product that occurred in. This is about the present – 2006.

So, why is the demand for organic milk increasing? The answer lies in the benefits of organic milk. Consumers are demanding more organic milk due to its enhanced health benefits.

Research conducted at the University of Aberdeen, and the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research have shown that organic milk has more Omega 3 than non-organic milk. So consumers can now just replace their regular milk with organic milk and do away with those Omega 3 supplements or fish oil capsules.Similarly, research conducted at the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences and the University of Newcastle has shown that organic milk is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Vitamin A is essential for a good eye-sight, and Vitamin E protects body cells from free radicals and delays ageing.

Tip! Grow your own. Even a small window box can yield some organic herbs or tomatoes.

Organic milk also has more Conjugated Linoleic Acidl (CLA) than non-organic milk, as it has become mandatory to graze the organic cows on pastures unless weather forces the farmer to interfere. Now cows that graze on pastures have higher concentrations of CLAs in their milk than fodder-fed cows.

There was always a lack of evidence that organic food is better than conventional or non-organic food and all the benefits of organic food over non-organic food were strong beliefs of the producers and consumers in the wellness of organic food production methodologies.

However, the research findings on health benefits of organic milk have firmed the beliefs of consumers who are now demanding more organic milk. Health conscious people have also shifted to organic milk resulting in a shortage of the product.

Tip! Mulching – This is a great way to prevent soil erosion, add organic matter to the soil and reduce evaporation. However, you need to leave space around the base of each plant.

However, the increased health benefits of organic milk are not the only reasons for this surge in demand. People are also questioning the factory mode production of organic dairy products. Many people now believe that livestock have good health when they are left in the open. Confined animals are more prone to diseases and hence the increased chances of BSE cases.

Consumers are also becoming conscious of animal rights and do not wish to be part of the extensive cruelty imparted to confined livestock. Since organic milk production involves certain aspects of animal welfare, these consumers have shifted to organic milk even if it costs more.

Kiran Patil is a chemical engineer and an expert on organic food and organic farming. Visit his website at

size=”1″>Tip! Sustainability. In his book, Gardening Organically, John Fedor defines sustainability as “the ability of a society or an ecosystem to function indefinitely without squandering the resources on which it relies.

Grow your own

The cheapest method has got to be to grow your own. The great thing is that it doesn’t require you to have much garden space, or even a garden at all!

We grow tomatoes, and strawberries in containers and the extra benefit is that you get total control over the growing conditions.


The best combination is to have organic soil together with organically produced seeds or plants, that way you ensure you get the full flavour and benefit.

Containers can be placed anywhere that receives a reasonable amount of daylight, which means that you can use them on balconies or other hard surfaces.

Tip! Strawberries: 500 pounds of pesticide an acre is sprayed on non-organic strawberries.

Look for your local suppliers

One of the most satisfying things to do is to buy organic food locally. That way you get the freshest ingredients for your kitchen and also get to support local businesses. With no transportation costs for the supplier too you should get very competitive prices.

Don’t forget that these same businesses will be employing local staff so you are also helping the local economy, everybody wins in this scenario.

Local markets

We visit a big monthly market held on a disused airstrip. Organic food is just one of the variety of items sold there but the prices are very, very good indeed. Of course they are all local suppliers and with several of them in one place we benefit from healthy competition and get to sample a lot of fruit!

Tip! Failing to plan – Planning is crucial to a successful organic veggie garden. You need to consider the aspect of your plot/s.

Local box schemes

If you are unable to get out of your house or are too busy working to select your groceries by hand then why not subscribe to an organic box scheme?

You will receive, delivered to your door, a weekly selection of fruit and vegetables in season.

Farm shops

Finally, investigate whether any farms near you are operating an organic farm shop. Our local one is operated on an open farm so that you can go and see where the animals are being kept and take a look at the crops being grown.

Tip! Bananas: Non-organic bananas from Central and South America are produced using benomyl (linked to birth defects) and chloropyrifos (neurotoxin).

They actually have a well-designed walking route around the farm which makes a nice day out for the kids too.

If you investigate the options above you should be able to make considerable savings whilst you and your family sample the delights and advantages of organic food.

Virginia Louise is a keen convert to the organic way of life, having two children has especially highlighted the benefits to be gained by them from eating organically.

Virginia runs an information site on the advantages of organic food where you can obtain lots of free information about what makes organic food so beneficial, where to get it and suggested recipes.

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